BYU attempts world's largest water balloon fight

by | Jul. 22, 2010

News from Utah

If you can't entice them with smaller class sizes, shorter lines and less traffic, try 120,000 water balloons in the "Cougar Cooldown," BYU's attempt at the world's largest water balloon fight. BYU is hosting its first summer mega-activity Friday to encourage students to stay in Provo beyond April.

"We're trying to create a culture for spring and summer," said Lori Gardiner, manager of spring/summer enrollment. "We decided we would offer a monumental activity that would keep students talking for months to come and hopefully help others want to stick around and see what happens for future spring/summer terms."

Wednesday afternoon, dozens of damp volunteers crowded around water spigots, quickly filling and tying baseball-sized balloons. Broken water balloons littered the parking lot, and "leakers" were quickly launched at friends.

Bags of 30 balloons, which will be handed to participants, were rebagged in groups of 90 and then floated in giant troughs, which normally hold ice and drinks at football games.

Gardiner said they calculated it would take 17 straight hours to fill the 120,000 balloons if they spent 10 seconds per balloon. But Wednesday afternoon, they were only at 15,000.

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