BYU bests world record water fight

Nearly 4,000 people met their Waterloo at Brigham Young University on Friday.

If anything, the water balloons won — all 120,021 of them — in what became the world’s biggest water fight in history. Three thousand, nine hundred twenty-seven waterlogged warriors packed onto BYU’s Richards Building field for a six-minute close-quarter volley that’s record-book-bound.

The aptly named Cougar Cooldown had 25 more people and about 1,000 more balloons than the University of Kentucky employed in its 2009 record fight, head volunteer Todd McOmber said.

“Record aside, it was a blast,” he said. The event was hosted by BYU Student Academic & Advisement Services.

Each participant was given a sack of 30 pre-filled water balloons and a colored T-shirt, then got corralled into the firing line — pink and green on one side, blue and orange on the other. They got the go-ahead at about 12:20 p.m. — the emcee couldn’t hold back the anxious crowd any longer — and Provo’s reputation as a dry city went right out the window.

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