BYU devotional: 'Correctly focused zeal'

Individuals must learn to balance the appropriate amount of zeal in all aspects of life, President Cecil O. Samuelson said Tuesday, Sept. 7, during the first campus devotional of the 2010-2011 school year at Brigham Young University. During the devotional, President Samuelson of the Seventy and president of BYU, and his wife, Sharon, each spoke, welcoming students and faculty to the new school year.

"We are in favor in correctly focused zeal," President Samuelson said. "We admire courageous leaders and those who are willing to sacrifice or stand for what they know is right."

Drawing from examples in the scriptures, President Samuelson spoke of the need for individuals to use the proper amount of zeal — to avoid being over or under zealous — as they approach all activities in which they are involved.

"The scriptures are replete with references to zeal and the word is often attached to Deity. Without zeal and other associated virtues and courageous leaders and followers of previous days we would not have this nation or this university. The gospel would not have been restored and many other events of extreme importance would not have happened."

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