BYU devotional: 'Grow toward Christ'

How individuals choose to react to difficult circumstances makes all the difference, Barbara Heise said during the campus devotional held in BYU's Marriott Center on Tuesday, March 2. Individuals are the masters of their own choices, she said.

"My intent is not to minimize the tribulations that we go through," said Sister Heise, BYU faculty member for the College of Nursing. "Our trials are exquisitely powerful, and painful in so many ways, and very genuine. But the right to choose how we will respond to that adversity is totally ours."

A nurse by profession, Sister Heise spoke of the opportunities she has had to see many individuals and families ask "Why?" during difficult times. Rather than asking why, Sister Heise said to ask 'Why not [me]?'

"The Lord loves you and you have the potential to be stronger and more useful in His service," she said. "Or, you can choose to let this trial drive a wedge between you and the Savior, exactly what Satan hopes for."

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