BYU devotional: The privilege of personal prayer

Looking to the example of Enos in the Book of Mormon, Marilyn Berrett of the BYU dance department spoke during the weekly devotional Tuesday, June 8, of the importance of accessing the peace and power of meaningful personal prayer.

During her address, held in the de Jong Concert Hall on the Brigham Young University campus, Sister Berrett shared principles that help individual's develop the sacred communication that comes from regular and sincere prayer.

"My testimony of prayer began as many of our greatest life lessons do with the example of a faithful parent, in my case my mother, who taught and encouraged from the earliest days I can recall," Sister Berrett said. "The best lessons of course are the lessons of example. She always prayed. But my own testimony of meaningful personal prayer deepened only through practicing it."

Looking to her mother and to the scriptures, Sister Berrett spoke specifically of three lessons learned from Enos' example in the Book of Mormon.

Enos hungered.

After hearing the words of his father, Enos recognized the need to change — or repent — as he sought out spiritual peace, eternal assurance and joy. This hunger to change, Sister Berrett said, can be likened to praying with firm faith and real intent.

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