BYU devotional: The sure foundation

Christ is the sure foundation upon which individuals should build their lives, Steven Taylor said during the BYU campus devotional on June 22 in the de Jong Concert Hall.

"Much more important than the foundations of houses or buildings or bridges are the foundations upon which we build our lives," he said. "Our true desires, priorities and aspirations guide our lives now and will determine our future possibilities. The spiritual foundation upon which we choose to build can be a sure, firm foundation or a weak, sandy one."

Brother Taylor, associate dean of the College of Life Sciences, spoke about observations he encountered as he lived in two different areas of the world.

While living as a missionary in Peru, Brother Taylor saw ancient ruins still standing after many years during which earthquakes and natural disasters occurred. The ruins were able to stand because of the firm foundation upon which they were built.

In contrast, Brother Taylor told of a time when he was living with his family in Iran. One of the homes he and his family were renting was built in an area of rapid growth. Although the home was brand new and included some luxuries, it lacked a deep, solid foundation. Because of this flaw, major problems occurred in both the exterior and interior of the home from normal wear and tear of everyday life.

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