BYU football: Bronco’s biggest blunder

Bronco Mendenhall is a terrific college football coach. His record clearly demonstrates that and there is no arguing the fact here. He lifted BYU football out of a nadir during the Gary Crowton years and has put up 50 wins against just 16 losses in his five-plus seasons as head coach.

But he is not Saint Bronco. He is far from perfect.

The depth and breadth of his mistakes in regard to his botching of the Cougar quarterback situation leading up to and into this season has blown past silly straight to shocking.

Mendenhall couldn’t have screwed this thing up any worse if he purposely set out to do so.

Here’s a chronicle of his clumsy blunders:

He said, despite his past preference for naming a starter as soon as reasonable, for establishing an offensive leader the other players could look to and rally around, he would this time wait until the latest possible moment to designate a No. 1 quarterback, even if it meant the decision would spill over into and maybe even through the season.

Bad idea.

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