BYU football’s Van Noy overcomes adversity, illness

Kyle Van Noy cracked a reluctant smile the other day after practice, BYU’s defense having been punched in the mouth by the offense during a final short session, allowing two easy touchdowns, and the linebacker letting his own mistakes rummage around inside his brain.

“I’ll learn from it,” he said, “and get better.”

Yeah, he probably will.

That little declaration pretty much defines Van Noy’s experience at BYU and the traumatic months leading up to his arrival here. Twice, he’s been on the brink of ducking down a back alley away from Cougar football and into a place somewhere else, a place where he could do his thing, play his game, live his life. And twice, Bronco Mendenhall turned him back around by handing him an opportunity he may or may not have deserved.

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