BYU football trio has become 'blood brothers'

by | Jun. 14, 2011

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These summer football camps you see sprouting up in June and July can trigger bonds that last a lifetime.

Take the case of linebacker Kyle Van Noy, receiver Ross Apo and quarterback Jake Heaps, who met at a BYU summer camp three years ago when their high school careers were just starting to bloom.

Back in that summer of 2008, they were dreamers like most kids when they just start to date, drive cars and earn letterman jackets. Back in that summer, they ate together, hung out and forged relationships. They talked of playing together, winning a national championship. They still do.

But their paths took very different directions.

While Van Noy first committed to BYU as did Heaps, Apo gave an early commitment to Texas. Van Noy then got in trouble back home in Reno, Nev., and faced a charge of driving under the influence as a minor. It jeopardized his scholarship offer to attend BYU.

Van Noy left Reno and lived with Heaps for a summer in Seattle after his legal problems in 2009. "We became blood brothers, me, Jake and Ross," said Van Noy.

In the end, it only made the trio closer.

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