BYU graduate wins prestigious Gates Scholarship

by | Mar. 21, 2010

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A 2001 graduate of BYU will take a two-year break from a medical residency at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine to pursue a graduate degree at Cambridge University as one of 29 American winners of the prestigious Gates Scholarships.

Trevor Ellison is BYU's fourth Gates scholar since 2004. That puts the university in prestigious company, tied in 14th place with Brown and other schools and ahead of Duke and Georgia Tech, which each have had three winners.

Ellison said he will spend his two years at Cambridge establishing a permanent surgical relief program in developing nations. Current programs send skilled surgeons on service missions for a few weeks at a time but don't provide long-term health care for those living in Third World countries.

"There are a lot of people in medicine interested in international work," Ellison said, but vacation and work schedules limit the number who can participate. "It holds people back."

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