BYU has reputation, but no invite

by | Jun. 16, 2010

Saints & Sports

Over the past 30 years, BYU has won a national championship in football, expanded its stadium to 64,000, earned a Heisman Trophy, built up a national fan base, won numerous conference championships, established a national reputation for its prodigious passing game, and upgraded its facilities.

Yet, when it comes to conference realignment, the Cougars remain on the outside, looking in. It's arch-rival Utah, not BYU, heading to the greener (read: money) pastures of the Pac-10.

The man who served as BYU's athletic director from 1976-1993, Glen Tuckett, remembers a time when the Pac-10 — at least on an athletic director level — coveted the Cougars. Adding the Utes didn't seem like even a remote possibility.

"In those days, Utah was struggling. They weren't a player," Tuckett said. "Now, it's kind of reversed. Now it's Utah that's the glamour girl."

So does Tuckett believe Utah is a good fit in the Pac-10?

"As far as their program is concerned, I do," he said. "I'm not sure geographically it's a great fit. I'm not so sure a rivalry thing would be a great fit. But as far as competitiveness, and the stature of the school as an educational institution, I think it's a great fit. They have some good sports to add, but I don't think they have a broad enough base. They might have to add a few sports to fit in, for the Pac-10 to really be excited about them."

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