BYU is lone holdout for not playing on Sundays

by | Jul. 07, 2010

Saints & Sports

In the current realignment of college sports leagues, a lot has been made of BYU's policy of not allowing its sports teams to play on Sunday, citing, specifically, No. 4 of the Ten Commandments — or what ESPN's SportsCenter would call the top 10 do-good gems — which states: "Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy."

I find this remarkable.

Not that BYU doesn't play sports on Sunday.

But that everyone else does.

They all do when it comes to the NCAA Division 1 level, at any rate. Apparently, no other major athletic program in America has a policy that prohibits its teams to participate on Sunday.

This includes any number of private institutions run by Christian churches — Southern Methodist, Texas Christian, St. Joseph's, Notre Dame, etc.

I'm not suggesting what churches, or anyone else, should preach. Holy writ is open to interpretation, and heaven knows there are plenty of ways to interpret "to keep it holy." To some, what could be holier than an afternoon at the ballpark?

But, still, to have the "Never On Sunday" faction reduced to just one major sports-playing university in America reflects quite a defection.

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