BYU is not wanted in the Pac-10 due to discrimination

There has been a lot of talk lately about major conference expansion.

The Big Ten is going to grab this one, the Pac 10 that one, and so on and so forth.

The issue of the addition of a Utah and BYU pairing to the Pac 10 often comes up. But it is always refuted. The Pac 10, it is claimed, would NEVER take BYU, due to their “bad fit” with the “overall philosophies” of the Pac 10.

Thus, despite the fact that the Pac 10 currently consists of paired schools, it is put forth that Pac 10 expansion would involve Utah…and Colorado. Let’s ignore the natural pairing…and the fact the despite recent success, BYU has a much better track record in football than the Utes, including fan support levels.

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