BYU looks to hire coaches with integrity

Every collegiate team relies on the leadership and charisma of a meticulously selected head coach, but at BYU, head coaches are held to a higher standard by not only representing the university but also the Church.

“We’re seeking to find the most qualified people that are faithful members of the Church in all of our positions, but especially for the head coaching role,” said Janie Penfield, BYU’s associate athletic director.

Once a position becomes available, the process begins with the university receiving applications. The athletic directors begin initial phone interviews to narrow the applicant pool of coaches so they can begin one-on-one interviews on campus. Once athletic directors have selected a few coaches, the names are then approved by the Board of Trustees and President Cecil O. Samuelson. Once there are one or two coaches left in the selection process, they are interviewed by a General Authority. The athletic directors notify the candidate with an offer and the individual either accepts or declines. If they decline the process repeats.

BYU hires head coaches who exhibit leadership, integrity, strong coaching background and are active members of the Church.

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