BYU prepares to feed the masses during Education Week

The flour is flying and the smell of brownies lingers in the air at the BYU Culinary Support Center where food production is in high gear.

Inside various coolers and freezers, giant crates of soup and towers of ice cream await the Education Week masses, then the student onslaught a few days later.

"For us, Education Week is a great opportunity to get everything open and get geared up and ready for fall," said Dean Wright, director of BYU Dining Services.

Over the next five days, Dining Services will serve 60,000 meals in its eateries, 6,000 meals in the concession spaces at the Marriott Center and 8,000 meals in The Commons at the Cannon Center, the new cafeteria at Helaman Halls.

That translates to almost 3,000 heads of lettuce, 3,500 pounds of pineapple and more than 2,000 pounds each of honeydew and cantaloupe.

Oh, and a brownie or two.

"Education Week is high volume," said Doug Anderson, bakery manager at the Culinary Support Center. "Let's just say 'a lot' of brownies."

Friday, employees were filling éclairs, making fruit squares and measuring water into armchair-sized mixing bowls. On a good day they'll chew through 25 or 26 50-pound bags of bread, pastry and cake flour.

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