BYU's Jimmer Fredette: The greatest Mormon missionary in the world

Jimmer Fredette mania has taken over the media world.

Whether it's ESPN, Sports Illustrated, or Kevin Durant's twitter account, the great Jimmer has captured the attention of millions.

And while he was recently labeled by Kevin Durant as the "greatest scorer in the world," I will now boldly proclaim that Jimmer Fredette is the "greatest Mormon missionary in the world."

How can that be, you ask? Didn't Jimmer choose not to serve a Mormon mission?

Well, maybe not the mission we have all become accustomed to, but he is certainly a man that is generating a lot of attention about his Mormon faith, and he seems to be handling himself just fine with the millions of curious onlookers asking questions about him and his religion.

Other than maybe Mitt Romney, I don't know of a more popular Mormon right now than Jimmer.
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