BYU’s hilarious "New Spice" video goes viral

Look at my grades, look at yours, now back to mine. If you want to get A’s like these, study at the library and not in the shower or a cave.

That’s the message of a BYU video promo that has gone viral on the Internet, focusing an unexpected national spotlight on the school’s multimedia lab that produced the ad, as well as its comedy troupe, Humor U.

The “New Spice” video, starring psychology major Stephen Jones, spoofs the Old Spice “smell like a man, man” ad campaign that pitched a virile line of body wash.

“I’ve always loved entertaining, but I’ve never considered putting all my eggs in that basket,” Jones said in a phone interview from his hometown of Talahassee, Fla. “But I wouldn’t reject an offer to do that.”

No agents have come calling yet, but that could change. The “New Spice” video has logged more than 1 million hits on YouTube, a website that BYU servers blocked until a policy change last year.

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