BYU's language studies: More than 60 languages offered

Marhaba. Hallo. Ciao. Konichiwa. Ni hao. Ola. Zdravstvujtye. Hola. Namaste.

Hearing greetings like this can almost make people think that they are walking through a marketplace in a foreign country instead of a college campus in Utah. In a five-minute walk from class to class on the BYU campus, it is possible to hear languages spoken from all over the world.

BYU has one of the largest language programs in the nation with more than 60 languages offered regularly. Studies from BYU say that 77 percent of BYU students report they speak a second language.

In addition to returned missionaries coming to BYU able to speak languages at advanced levels, the six percent of all students who are international play a part in the large language program.

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