BYU's 'no sex before marriage' study still a hot topic

by | Feb. 10, 2011

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A recent BYU study about the benefits of saving sex until marriage is echoing across the country, highlighting the growing divide between Americans who scoff at abstinence and sexual fidelity and those who value traditional marriage and monogamous, post-marital sex.

An article in The Economist reiterated the finding by BYU professor Dean Busby and his colleagues that couples who waited until after they were married to engage in physical intimacy reported 22 percent higher levels of relational stability, 20 percent higher levels of satisfaction, 15 percent better sexual quality and 12 percent better communication than couples who didn’t.

The BYU study was also picked up by the Boston Globe, AOL and myriad blogs.

“Sex is important,” Busby told the Deseret News. “But you’ve got to be able to talk to one another, got to be able to have a common take on life, so you can go through the struggles that occur, instead of just having fun.”

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