BYU singles ward dispensing Sunday school dating advice

One of the things I love about the church is the practical applicability it promotes in relation to Christ's teachings. Sometimes, though, I worry that our members go a bit far in applying eternal principles.

Case in point: My sister's BYU singles ward somewhat recently implemented a "relationships" Sunday school class where they learn -- you guessed it -- how to start, maintain and progress relationships, primarily romantic ones.

The justification for such a class isn't hard to arrive at: We are taught that our eternal progression depends, eventually, on securing an eternal marriage. This class merely teaches techniques that will help you arrive at an eternal marriage.

My sister, Kami, has attended the class only a couple times, but she said the first one focused on how girls can demonstrate their interest in guys. They emphasized the importance of the after-date text message, and sisters were counseled to touch the guy's elbow to demonstrate affection. The second class was all about exhibiting confidence and self-esteem, and how that will help to attract a mate.

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