BYU student credits faith for surviving boat mishap

While his peers purchased textbooks and studied their class schedules for another fall semester, BYU senior Dane Brock said a prayer of thanks that he still had a right leg to take with him to classes next year.

In fact, for the 24-year-old who nearly died three weeks ago when he was run over by a boat while swimming, each new day is worth celebrating.

"They thought I was going to die, then they thought I was going to lose my leg, then they thought I wouldn't walk," Brock said. "But I'm going to walk, I'm not going to die, not going to lose my leg. So besides the boat hitting me, everything has gone as good as it can go."

Brock's optimism and faith kicked in just seconds after he realized he'd been hit by a boat while vacationing at western Maryland's Deep Creek Lake on Aug. 27.

He'd been swimming hard near the edge of the safe-swim zone and between splashing and breathing never heard the roar of the motor. The impact from the propeller shoved him under the water and as he floated to the bloodied surface, he knew he needed immediate help.

"I don't think they knew how serious it was, they just kept apologizing," he said of the boaters. "I told them I appreciated them apologizing but they needed to get me in the boat or I was going to drown."

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