BYU students’ mistletoe prank goes viral WEB

A month ago nobody had heard of a 23-year-old college student with bright red hair named Stuart Edgington. Today, however, 18 million people and counting have seen his YouTube mistletoe-kissing prank. These days his friends and fellow mistletoe bandits Nate Turley and Kaitlin Snow are stopped on the street by strangers who ask if they can kiss them.

It all started when Edgington and his fellow seekers of mistletoe truth went to the Wilkinson Student Center during finals week and asked unsuspecting students a series of questions about their Christmas traditions. At the end of the survey, the participants were afforded quite a surprise: they were asked if they practice the mistletoe tradition even as a mistletoe appeared above them and the interviewer leaned in for a kiss — or a slap or an awkward stare. All the interviewers wanted to find out was if anybody still practiced the mistletoe tradition, and they were overwhelmed by the amount of kisses received.

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