BYU symposium to explore 'rights of conscience'

Doctors and nurses may not have a choice about whether they can refuse to participate in abortions and other medical procedures they personally object to if a trend toward legal and legislative protections continues to crumble.

Those "rights of conscience" are the subject of a symposium Friday at BYU, where a Catholic academic has helped organize a symposium on the topic in cooperation with an LDS colleague.

Richard Myers, a professor at the Ave Maria School of Law in Florida, told the Deseret News that while he had not heard details of Cardinal Francis George's speech at BYU earlier this week, his visit was a happy coincidence in light of the cooperation between the two faiths hosting the symposium.

Myers said the cardinal was particularly influential with members of the American Medical Association, which a few years ago proposed that all colleges and hospitals who train medical residents would be required to provide training in abortion and sterilization procedures.

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