BYU ward ties every talk and lesson to the atonement

A former BYU student ward bishop did more than just tell his friends and family about his amazing experiences involving BYU students. He wrote a book about it.

David Vandagriff’s new book, “I Need Thee Every Hour,” contains stories and insights Vandagriff gained as bishop of the BYU 28th Ward.

As a bishop in the BYU 9th Stake, he and other bishops requested every talk and lesson shared at church be specifically tied to the Atonement.

Vandagriff said this meant lessons about the apostle Paul turned into lessons about Paul writing to the Corinthians and the Atonement; talks about tithing became talks about tithing and its connection to the Atonement.

The assignment had a “transformative effect” on ward members and on himself, Vandagriff said.

“It brought the Savior right into the center of everything that we were doing and everything we were talking about,” he said.

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