Baby Steps to Zion

Last month brought a string of Priesthood-related lessons in Relief Society. Perhaps you noticed!

During one particular lesson, the conversation on “honoring the priesthood” wandered into comments about honoring the men in our lives and working behind the scenes to help them — “the priesthood” — become more spiritual. ”Priesthood” and “men” were used interchangeably, and I began to feel a little angsty about it.

So I typed a few words into my iPad and located one of my favorite General Conference quotes. In October 2005, Elder Dallin Oaks delivered an address called “Priesthood Authority in the Family and the Church” that contains this gem, which I shared:

The priesthood is the power of God used to bless all of His children, male and female. Some of our abbreviated expressions, like “the women and the priesthood,” convey an erroneous idea. Men are not “the priesthood.” Priesthood meeting is a meeting of those who hold and exercise the priesthood. The blessings of the priesthood, such as baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, the temple endowment, and eternal marriage, are available to men and women alike.

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