Back To School Suggestions:

If you are sending your children back to school this year or if you homeschool your children you have the perfect opportunity to make fresh starts and new relationships. Fall is exciting because of all the new beginnings that happen. We also seem to be more motivated to start new projects and increase our spiritual focus. Here are some tips for success during the fun Fall beginnings:

1. Don't sign up for too many things. Remember how last March you couldn't wait to get your life back? Don't take your life away like that again. Be very picky about what you will sign the family up to do because it will ultimately take time away from the feeling you want at home if you do too much.

2. Keep having mentor sessions. You want to be the biggest help you child's success as possible. Since that is the case, you need to keep up on what is happening with school, activities, and youth groups. You also need the time to keep focused on strengthening your parent/child relationship. Once a week schedule 15-30 minutes for each child to meet with you and have a proper mentor session. If you need to brush up your mentor session skills go back and read chapter 17 of Parenting A House United. Set goals for all aspects of life, not just school

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