A couple of months ago, as I was in the middle of the busiest season of concerts I have ever experienced, and feeling completely unequipped to handle all of the pressures and expectations that were being placed upon me as performer, wife, and mother, I received an invitation to be a guest on a TV talk show. When I found out that the subject was “how to balance it all,” I began sobbing uncontrollably because I felt so unbalanced in my own life. I subsequently called my father, and he reminded me that it is impossible to “balance it all.” It is only possible to prioritize and then do the best we can, balancing what is most important.

Prioritizing is truly the key to finding the balance. I have found that as I put the Lord and my family first, everything else works out and I am able to manage my life along with the help of my very supportive husband and a few other helpful strategies.

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