Baptized at age 99 in Mongolia

In Mongolia, the culture, the history, and even the land itself, seem very old — even ancient.

The Church, however, is a relatively recent arrival and has had a significant impact on many citizens of Mongolia, from the city-dwellers in the capital of Ulaanbaatar to the herdsmen and their families who populate the frigid and windswept plains of the Gobi Desert.

The Mongolian people have embraced the gospel throughout the land, and missionaries continue to teach those who express an interest in increasing numbers.

One individual who recently embraced the gospel and who might embody the bridge between ancient and modern Mongolia is a 99-year-old sister named Davaajargal (Mongolians typically use only a single name). She was baptized by her grandson, Dashzeveg, in late February in a font in one of the Ulaanbaatar meetinghouses. Davaajargal was happy and excited about her baptism although, because of her age, she had some difficulty in physically entering the water.

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