Be Honest With Yourself: The Background

In October conference, 1956, Apostle Mark E. Petersen reported a conversation with another Church member:

He said, “My little five year old girl was watching television and was watching the Lucky Strike program. When the program was over, she turned to Dad, and said, ‘Daddy, when I grow up I am going to smoke Lucky Strikes.’” It turned this man pale as he thought about the effect of the advertising upon his little girl.

That anecdote supported a project Elder Petersen had been working on for a year or more, under the direction of Elder Harold B. Lee: How to counteract negative influences the Brethren saw occurring in the lives of the Church’s youth.

We are endeavoring to develop among the Latter-day Saints what Peter spoke of as a “royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people called out of darkness into his marvelous light.” And yet, as we do so in this modern age, it seems that the very gates of hell at times seem open to invite our young people in. With alluring advertisements on radio, on TV, and in the newspapers and magazines, men of the world attempt to make evil appear to be good and desirable. They attempt to make temptation glitter like gold. In the face of it our children must make a great decision.
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