Bear attack taught victim to listen to Spirit's warnings

With a huge grizzly bear straddling his legs and a claw hooked into his face, Michael A. Dunn realized that if he was going to live, he needed help -- God's help.

The Mormon father, husband and marathon runner prayed out loud: "Heavenly Father, there is a bear on my back. I'm dying. I want to live."

In the next few moments, he recognized the Holy Ghost telling him to play dead and the bear became distracted by something elsewhere in the forest.

"Twenty-four hours earlier, I had prayed, thanked my Heavenly Father for my blessings. I don't think this was a coincidence. I want to suggest to you those prayers were choreographed for me. Prayer is the great triggering mechanism in the universe," Dunn told the congregation gathered Sunday in the Draper Riverview Stake Center for a Young Single Adults fireside sponsored by the Sandy Utah Institute of Religion.

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