Beautiful art <i>can</i> be affordable

Finding art that is fun, moving and beautiful can be a challenge. Especially if the art you fall in love with is outside your price range.

Focal- Point Design is a new, innovative company that offers families of all incomes a large selection of distinctive art at affordable prices.

“My purpose is to offer beautiful pieces of framed or unframed art that is affordable to everyone,” said Rachel Jacobsen, owner of Focal-Point Design. “Each home deserves to display and celebrate their favorite piece of art that holds special significance to the family.”

Jacobsen first had the idea for an affordable art business when she learned her friend “wanted a temple picture for her home and couldn’t afford what was in the market place. I decided at that moment to do something about it.”

By offering a unique ‘reve comme’ process to prints, Focal-Point Design brings a new, fresh view to fine art.

For more information please visit focalpointphotography.com.

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