Beck comments on Tittle's 'What it Means to be a Cougar,' a BYU football retrospect

by | Aug. 02, 2011

Saints & Sports

Ask Duff Tittle about all of the memorable football experiences that nearly five dozen BYU football legends over nine decades conveyed to him in interviews, and his answer is surprising.

“Hardly anybody wanted to talk about football, but instead about friendships, relationships, lessons they’d learned,” said the BYU athletics director of communications about his new book, "What it Means to be A Cougar," a 303-page retrospective published by Triumph Books in Chicago. “That’s the real message of the book. Great football stories are in there too — I eventually got that of them.”

Cougar No. 2 all-time passer John Beck, now of the Washington Redskins, was among those who needed a little push. Though Beck acknowledged that "What it Means to be a Cougar," may shed more "firsthand perspective" than the "Greatest Moments in BYU Football History" video that he saw on a near-annual basis when he made Holiday Bowl trips as a child with his family, he was quick to speak about the importance of reflecting the purpose of the gospel, as the book tends to do.

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