Behind the scenes at Mormon.org

In the next couple of days, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be releasing a new version of its missionary site, Mormon.org. This new site is meant to introduce the church to friends and family and to the world.

The new Mormon.org has been years in the making as I will share what has been our process and our experience. We hope that this post could benefit designers visiting our site. Honestly, this is motivation for me to record what has been done to make such a site.

1. The Research

Research began a couple of years ago in order for us, as a Church, to understand who our audiences are. We know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for all but we also understood the limitations of our reach online and in media (TV, radio, print). The results from the research included some good and some bad perceptions of Mormons. Many studies were done that I cannot enumerate but it was, for sure, comprehensive. The creative team was not part of the research, as we were not part of the project yet until about 10 months ago, which at that point we learned of the research findings.

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