Beloved LDS institute teacher to retire in January

by | Dec. 30, 2009

Mormons We Know

Retirement is not a term that fits S. Michael Wilcox, but he is leaving his position as an instructor at the Salt Lake University Institute of Religion on Jan. 8 after 21 years there.

Yet he does not shy away from the word. "I will be retiring," he says, "but I always have to stay busy. I have a driven personality …"

Indeed, he has that, so what is he going to do?

"I need to learn a little bit better how to relax," he says.

But deep inside, he knows that probably won't happen. His goal, then?

"I want to have a relationship-driven life."

Wilcox sees his life to this point as agenda-driven.

"I have lived a very pressured life," he says. "I am looking forward to spending some unpressured time with my wife, my grandchildren and my children."

He will not be without work. He has contracted with a local travel company to do tours for the next two years. At the age of 60, his life may not be as structured, but he will probably be just as busy. "I have more than 10 tours lined up," he says about the coming year.

In addition, "I am continuing to write," he says (he is involved with projects with Deseret Book), "and I'll continue as much as I can to teach adult classes in the valley." Those earnings are contributed to the Perpetual Education Fund.

"I am a great believer in the Perpetual Education Fund. We do it (teach the adult classes) for the Perpetual Education Fund."

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