Best and worst developments for families in 2010

Legislation and legal decisions affecting the family are happening all over the world, some for good and some for ill. In a recently released list, the World Congress of Families News profiled the top 10 best and worst developments for families in 2010. Leading the way on the positive side was the election of a pro-family House of Representatives. The decision by California voters to reject the legalization of marijuana was also hailed as a good decision for families.

Positive developments around the globe included a discussion by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev about his nation's demographic crisis and his encouragement for families to have more children, as well as the massive pro-life rallies in Spain challenging the country's expansion of abortion.

Britain announced plans to block children's access to pornography on the Internet by asking Internet service providers to require an "opt-in" rather than an "opt-out" policy, though many say it will be difficult.

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