Better, Thanks

by | Aug. 11, 2009

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Two weeks ago, I came down with a miserable summer cold. After the first day, the only real symptom was a nasty cough, but it was sufficiently nasty that I thought I might have pneumonia. I missed several days of work and felt just wretched.

The point of this post is not to whine about the cold, though. The point is that while I was having it, it felt like I'd been sick forever and would never be truly well again. I looked at the mess accumulating around me in the house and the stuff piling up at work and literally could not envision ever getting caught up. When I couldn't walk even half a block without stopping to gasp for air, I pictured myself hobbling in to work, pushing a walker, hooking myself up to an oxygen tank in my office.

But, as colds have a way of doing, this one gradually subsided, until now I have only the occasional mild cough to remind me of the battle.

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