Better than nothing

J was pokey this morning. And when I say pokey, I mean that I wish I’d had a pointy stick to poke him with so he could get moving. As the morning wore on, and he was minutes away from needing to head to the bus stop, I said, “WAIT! SCRIPTURES!”

I grabbed the Book of Mormon and read 3 verses aloud to J, who was standing at the door, ready to walk out. In essence, I didn’t really read scriptures to my son. I sort of just threw them at him. Kinda like a poptart launched from the toaster as the kid walks out the door (wasn’t there a commercial like that? No? Well, there should have been Why doesn’t anybody ever ask me about these things?).

I called DH (who is coming home tonight. Hally-looya), and told him about the morning.

“Yeah, we didn’t really get scripture time in,” and told him what happened.

“Well, getting a scripture tossed at you as you walked out the door is better than nothing.”

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