Beyond Dinner and a Movie

Don’t get caught in this mess. Put a little thought into your night! Dating in groups or “doubling” for a night is a great way to be social, to get to know other people, and to avoid tempting situations with your date.

Out of the Ordinary
Check out these unusual dates and find an idea that could work this weekend.

Home-front Putt-Putt
Fore!? Transform your home into an obstacle filled golfing green. Using masking tape, line the perimeter for the course. Use tables, chairs, stairs, and sofas to act as the obstacles that would be found at a real miniature golf center. Think creatively and enjoy an evening of ups and downs as you crawl up stairs and stretch around corners to get a hole in one!

Cycling Picnic
This date is definitely more bike for your buck. Before the date, strategically place different parts of the meal at different locations around your town. Make sure the food is concealed so that other unwanted creatures don’t discover the meal before you get there. With your dates and in a group, follow clues and bike from place to place. At your final destination plant a blanket and utensils and have a great picnic. The same activity could be adapted for rollerblades or tandem bikes.

Super Sundae
Hopefully this date won’t go down the gutter! A crazy, sloppy way to eat a giant banana split is to eat out of a clean, newly purchased plastic rain gutter. Cut the rain gutter to the size of your dining room table and prepare to pig-out. Have every couple be in charge of a different contribution to the sundae, then build it as a group. Start with the bananas and then pile on the ice cream, nuts, hot fudge, and, of course, cherries. Everybody will scream for this ice cream treat!

Progressive Fast Food
To celebrate someone’s birthday, a special anniversary, or maybe just to do something crazy for Friday the 13th, use this silly restaurant idea. Jump into a car and start at a favorite fast food place. Order some kind of appetizer such as mashed potatoes from KFC or fries from Wendy’s. Order servings for one or two, depending on how big your group is, and share them with everyone. A cheap pizza place may be a good choice for the main course. Keep traveling with the group until you have gone to the magic number of sites signifying the special date you’re celebrating. Finish at a fun place for a final dessert and then find a quiet place to sit with the group and rest your activated tummies.

Have Fun, Be Smart
The best way to avoid compromising situations is to steer clear of tempting circumstances. Avoid the appearance of evil and use these tips on how to have fun and still stay out of trouble.

Obey curfews—Inform your parents with a quick phone call if there is a change of plans. The more you check-in and are honest with your parents, the more they will trust you with bigger responsibilities. Having and keeping the trust of your parents will give you more freedom in the end, and it is also just courteous to keep them from worrying.

Don’t try to push your parents’ limits; show them you can respect that a curfew is established to help you keep out of temptation and trouble.

Leave when the activity is over—Just because you have a curfew does not mean you always need to push the time until you turn into a pumpkin. There’s really no need to spread out a night by wasting your time trying to find more ways to get into trouble. Anyway, especially for you ladies, by leaving him at the height of the night you are leaving him restlessly waiting for the next time he can see you and talk with you.

Work on your checklist—Sit down and make a list of activities in your area that you have always wanted to do. With a date or in a group, work on checking things off the list. Often times, new adventures can be really fun to discover together and the exciting memories will last.

Pick up a visitor’s travel book for the area around your home and look for new places you didn’t even know existed. Avoid the question session of “what do you want to do” by exploring your surroundings and illuminating your mind.

A sibling night out—It is very unlikely that you will do anything embarrassing or dangerous in front of your younger, all-seeing sister or brother. Doing activities with your younger siblings will help them feel loved and included while also building family relations. If friends are wearing you down, family is always there.

Don’t park anywhere alone--Just avoid it all together and you will be happier.

Be Young, Have Fun
Laughter, discovery, socializing, and goodness are all words that describe group and double dating. Youth have been encouraged by President Hinckley not to date exclusively, and following the prophet’s counsel will never lead anyone astray. Reminiscing about good dating memories is much more freeing then looking back on the past and seeing regrets and mistakes.

Be creative and work to keep dating fun and noncommittal. Enjoy being young and busy and having the time to date and play. It is easy to take control by being a planner and talking-up fun ideas that everyone can get excited about.

Soon the creative bug will catch on and everyone will be lifted by the contagious energy of creative group dating.

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