Bicyling, bilingual Mormon missionaries

Anyone living within a five-mile radius of Victoria's Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has likely encountered bicycling missionaries, Elders Joshua Wood and Braydn Clark. By foot and wheel, the elders are tasked daily with venturing into the community and sharing the reformed Mormon gospel with would-be believers.

Each day, even on Sunday, the 19-year-old Clark and the 20-year-old Wood load up their backpacks with Mormon reference materials and go door-to-door. Their job isn't to intrude, or bother, they said, but to merely offer guidance to those interested in learning more about the Mormon faith.

"We mostly set up appointments, and spend about an hour talking, and answering questions," Clark said. "People here have a lot of faith, it's apparent when you knock on their doors, they know about Christ. It's good to see."

The young Utah natives were sent to Victoria as part of the Latter-day Saints affiliated - Texas Houston South Mission. In total, they will spend two years serving in the mission field, living and working among fellow believers. And so their minds and bodies are wholly committed to serving God, they're restricted to minimal contact with friends and family back home.
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