Birth of a Mormon Tradition: Jello!

I don’t recall ever being served, at home or at a ward function, green gelatin with shredded carrots set in it. I have been served – and have served – all kinds of gelatin concoctions – most of them quite good (raspberries and sour cream, mmmm! cranberries and chopped walnuts, mmmm!), and others … well …

I remember Jell-o’s short-lived 1960s flirtation with vegetable flavored gelatin. Yeah, I can hear your “Ewww!” already. But they were good! If you’re going to put shredded carrots in Jell-o, doesn’t it make more sense to use celery-flavored gelatin than orange or lime? (The four flavors marketed were celery, mixed vegetable, seasoned tomato, and Italian salad. And they were good, whether you believe it or not!)

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