Birthday scrapbooking a great way to celebrate children

Lisa Bearnson first discovered scrapbooking at age 7 and quickly became addicted to this fulfilling hobby.

"I started with a passion for saving memorabilia that was very therapeutic for me as I was growing up," Bearnson says.

As founding editor of Creating Keepsakes Magazine, this Utah mom later turned her lifelong passion into a multi-million dollar business. Along the way, she discovered that making scrapbooks for children "can build self-esteem and show them that they belong to a family who loves them."

Creating a birthday page for each year and assembling all the pages into a birthday scrapbook is an easy way to celebrate that child, Bearnson says. She offers the following suggestions:

1. Choose a yearly theme. Consider each year as a "chapter" in the birthday scrapbook. She recommends choosing a yearly theme to connect the memorabilia and help each birthday stand out as a separate memory. For example, on Bearnson's daughter Kayla's eighth birthday, she chose a smiley face theme. "All the pages from that year are black and yellow and have smiley faces on them," Bearnson says.

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