Blind-Sided By The Blind Side

The grim reality of life portrayed in the movie The Blind Side caught me off guard when I recently watched it with my wife on our weekly date night. The movie is essentially a happy movie about one person who was saved from a life doomed to poverty (and perhaps premature death) by a family who cared. But underlying it is the harsh reality that in our own country, and all over the world to an even larger and more severe extent, there are people just like “Big Mike” who suffer in poverty, homelessness and the resulting drastic reduction in opportunities that those conditions bring with them. The movie, which was a tear-jerker for me personally, left me wondering what more I, personally, could do to help people.

For me, the most poignant scene was when Leigh Anne Tuohy makes a bedroom for Michael in her beautiful Memphis home. Surveying the room in all of his gentle giantness, Michael says, “I’ve never had one of these before.” She says, “What, a room?” “No, a bed,” he says. She looks at him, obviously straining to maintain a poker face, nods quickly and exits the room, enters the bathroom and locks the door for what we can only assume is an (for her) uncharacteristic moment of emotional release.

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