Blog gives tips for help autistic children in Primary

by | Mar. 14, 2011

Lesson Helps

“My name is Annie Campbell and six years ago my son was diagnosed with autism.” This admission, upfront in her blog profile, succinctly explains Campbell’s reason for beginning

Titled “Autism and Primary — making them work together,” Campbell’s blog is full of her testimony about the importance of helping children get the most out of Primary. She explains, “I know the difficulties that both the teachers and the parents struggle with. I hope that Primary teachers can use any of my techniques or ideas to create a happier and more productive class. Before you can teach a child about the gospel, you first have to teach the child to sit and listen.”

Campbell has learned different teaching techniques as the parent of a special needs child. She shares these on her blog. From her first blog post back in November 2010, here are “Five Tips for Teaching Children with Special Needs”:

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