Bonnie Oscarson: How to Find Balance in Our Hectic Lives

MR says: What good advice from Sister Oscarson about how we can find peace, joy, and balance in lives so filled with busyness and responsibility.

I have often heard my husband talk about his Grandpa Brown, who was a farmer and owned several milk cows. My husband used to watch him as he milked his cows twice a day sitting upon an old three-legged stool. His three-legged stool worked well because all three legs were the same length and gave him the stability and balance necessary to do his work.

Can you imagine how uncomfortable and unsteady it would have been had one of the legs of that stool been much shorter, much longer, or even missing? He would have been so busy trying to stay upright that he could not possibly have done a proper job of milking that cow.

We can compare the three legs of that old stool to our lives and the importance of staying balanced with the many things in life that demand our attention.

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