Boston, not Salt Lake City, is 'least drunk' city

by | Feb. 04, 2010

News from Utah

Boston beat out Salt Lake City for the "least drunk" ranking in the latest issue of Men's Health magazine, which rated 100 major U.S. cities on sobriety in its March issue.

Whether being bested by a city that is home to the famed "Cheers" bar has anything to do with the recent loosening of Utah's liquor laws wasn't addressed in the survey. Editors used a "statistical sobriety checkpoint" based on death rates from alcoholic liver disease, liquor-involved auto accidents, frequency of binge-drinking, number of DUI arrests and the severity of DUI penalties to come up with the rankings.

Rochester and Yonkers, N.Y., also beat out Utah's capital city, which ranked 97th and received an "A" on the scale of drunkenness. Miami and Newark, N.J., joined Salt Lake to round out the "least drunk."

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