Brad Wilcox shares ways to help youths engage in general conference

Raising five boys, Leslie Frandsen has heard every possible excuse for skipping out on general conference.

It's boring. I have a soccer game. My friends don't have to. Why should I?

"Sometimes we talked about it, they were going to do it, then they would just disappear," said the mother from Garland, Utah.

Getting them to clean their room was easier.

But contrary to what some parents may believe, it is possible to get teenagers to listen to general conference without using straightjackets, handcuffs or the clove hitch knot.

Brad Wilcox, a popular speaker, author, former seminary teacher and mission president, offers four suggestions for helping youths become more engaged in general conference.

First, get to know the speakers. When youths can put a real face on these special messengers, they will become human, Wilcox says.

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