Brandon Mull’s ‘Monster Jamboree:’ A Ghoulishly Good Read

Halloween is not only a cherished holiday at my house, it’s a month-long event. From ghost stories to ghoulish dishes, I’m always looking for the next Halloween treat to share with my family.  But, with a six-year-old niece who loves coming over for sleepovers, it can be difficult finding spooky stories that everyone in my family finds enjoyable—especially after dark.

That's why I was so thrilled to discover "Monster Jamboree," a short story written by LDS bestselling author Brandon Mull.  Witty, well-written, and brimming with that essence of Halloween that we all love, “Monster Jamboree” is relatable for everyone in the family, from Grandpa all the way down to my little niece.  

Now, I can't wait for the chance to nestle underneath a pile of stuffed unicorns and Dora blankets with my niece and share this memorable Halloween story.

Check it out:


Abandoned buildings sagged on either side of the dirt road as we rolled into Larill, Arizona, in the dead of night, our headlights flashing across broken windows and peeling paint. No other lights hinted at life in the area. Our troop of 14 Scouts and three leaders caravanned in two SUVs and an old minivan.

The three vehicles stopped in the town’s main square. Our leaders killed the engines, and we got out. When I slammed my door, the echo bounced four or five times. A warm breeze sighed across the desert, carrying dry dust and the smell of sage. Off in the parched wasteland beyond the town, a coyote gave a lonely howl. With my arm fully extended, my hand couldn’t quite cover the pale hugeness of the bright moon.

“Did you check the date?” I asked.

“Midnight is a weird hour for opening ceremonies,” I said.

Our Scoutmaster, a lanky man with a mustache, held up his clipboard and clicked on a flashlight. “The Monster Jamboree is scheduled to begin here tonight at midnight. We’re right on time."

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