Brazil missionary, convert rejoice together after 45 years

When Curtis Broadbent was a Mormon missionary in Brazil in the early 1960s, he met a teenager named Aldo Francesconi.

Broadbent taught Francesconi, who was baptized just before he turned 17, and Broadbent was then transferred from the Mooca Branch in Sao Paulo.

They lost touch, and for many years, Broadbent wondered what had become of the teenager.

Late last year, he found out.

Broadbent and his wife, Marilyn, who live in Logan, Utah, were able to make e-mail contact with Francesconi. What they learned surprised and delighted them.

"I had always wondered what happened to him," Curtis Broadbent said in January, the day before he and Francesconi would come face to face for the first time in more than 45 years.

Before a fireside at the Sao Paulo Institute of Religion for a group of former missionaries touring Brazil, the Broadbents were standing outside the building when Francesconi and his wife, Francily, walked up. The Broadbents turned around, and both couples recognized each other.

As they all embraced, the years melted away.

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