Breaking into Mormon music scene takes more than talent

Breaking into the Mormon music scene takes talent.

That's a given.

It also takes work — and a lot of it.

But to succeed in the fast-changing LDS market today involves some other components as well.

There's luck, being seen and heard by the right people.

And there's the thing about self-confidence and selling well and a uniqueness that's hard to quantify.

The presenters at the LDS Music Workshop at the Provo City Library on July 17 emphasized that no one wants "same old, same old," so the challenge is to find artists who are doing something unique.

"The music industry is changing faster than we can keep up," Russ Dixon said. Dixon is the music label manager for R Legacy Entertainment and produces the annual CD for the LDS Church Especially for Youth program. "So the barrier to entry is both easier and harder. We're always looking for something new but not the next Jenny Phillips or Hilary Weeks or Michael McLean. We're got a Jenny Phillips and a Hilary Weeks and a Michael McLean."

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