Brian Regan, Steve Young Play Football

Steve Young, famed LDS quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, is a well-known sports figure, even outside the LDS sphere--but apparently, Brian Regan "didn't know" what he was getting into when he met the football legend backstage at a show in Saratoga, California on August 24th.

Regan starts a humorous farce where he introduces himself--a division 3 footballer of some repute, if you'd believe it--and then stumbles over knowing who his guest is: the famous QB Steve Young. As they talk, Regan gets the idea: "as a little treat for you, I'm going to let you throw a pass to a former division 3 college football player." Young keeps up the charade, commenting, "I have not done that before."

Watch their brief football discussion and the hilarity that ensues: 

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